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About the
Dope As Drive

Let’s say you’ve just had a sesh. Do you know how it really affects the way you perform behind the wheel? Some people think it makes you drive better. Truth is, it doesn’t.

Some of the things you’ll experience on the Dope As Drive might seem kinda hard to handle, and might seem a little weirder than usual - but in reality, when you’re high things do get a little weird and hard to handle.

In fact, you’re really impaired when you drive stoned. The Dope As Drive shows you some of the ways that you put yourself and others at risk when you jump behind the wheel blazed.

Being stoned negatively effects every aspect of safe driving, from your coordination, to your vision, and your ability to focus on complex tasks and ignore distractions.

Take the drive now to get a sense what it’s like to drive high.

The real simulator

We made a van. It’s the realness. Kind of.

Simulator Van

Find us, and take the drive to find out what it’s really like to drive high.