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Frequently asked

Q: Should I drive stoned?
A: Nope.

Q: If I drink alcohol and smoke weed, do they cancel each-other out?
A: Nope. Actually you’re 14 times more likely to crash if you drink and smoke weed. Your chances of fatally crashing triples with weed in your system. And it's even worse when mixed with alcohol

Q: Does driving stoned make me more desirable?
A: Not at all.

Q: How could we nominate a designated driver before a sesh?
A: Find a dude at the library who doesn't like to smoke, and become his friend. Draw straws. Paper/scissors/rock. Take turns. Wrestle. We're sure you can find a way.

Q: So, driving stoned makes me drive slower, doesn't that make it safer?
A: Driving slow can make you into a hazard, keeping your speed consistent with other motorists is the safest approach.

Q: Being calm and relaxed behind the wheel is a good thing, so shouldn't driving stoned make me a safer driver?
A: Being relaxed is great, but it stops you from reacting to what’s happening on the road, so it will just mean you're very relaxed when you crash.

Q: Will being spectacularly paranoid make me a more conscientious driver?
A: Surprisingly, no.

Q: If I want to get blazed then drive home later, how long should I wait?
A: 3 hours would be good, not driving at all would be better. Call a cab, catch a bus, get your girlfriend to pick you up. She'll be so happy to see you. She might even bring food.

Q: What if I have a crash when I'm straight but the tests show THC in my system from ages ago?
A: The tests only measure active THC - the stuff that's in the blood from the last few hours.

Q: My tolerance for weed is really high, so it shouldn’t affect me as much, right?
A: Cannabis effects vary more between individuals than they do with alcohol because of tolerance, differences in smoking technique, and different absorptions of (THC). But we know, no matter how little you smoke it still impairs your coordination.

Q: I drive high all the time, so I should be pretty good at it by now, right?
A: Sadly, there is no evidence to show you get better at driving high over time. The more you drive high, the more you risk causing an accident that could hurt you, or other people.

Q: Does being stoned help me follow the road rules?
A: Not really, no. Actually, not at all.

Q: Driving stoned gives me heightened awareness and helps me stay alert, is this normal?
A: No, you are the only person in the world who experiences this effect. For the rest of humanity being stoned dramatically impairs awareness, vision, and reaction time. So there’s a good chance you're wrong.

Q: If I only smoke a little bit I'll be sweet right?
A: Nope. Basic skills essential for driving, like tracking, reaction time and peripheral vision are affected at doses as low as 6.25 mg (a third of a joint), more complex functions that require conscious control become impaired at higher doses. In short, even just a little bit of weed makes your driving less safe.

Q: What should I do if I’m stoned and I need to get somewhere?
A: Don’t drive. Catch a bus. Call a cab. Walk. Skip. Actually probably don’t skip.

Q: I like to have in depth philosophical discussions while I drive, will being stoned help with this?
A: Being stoned will certainly help that discussion in a big way, but it will also put your friends at risk. You're better off solving life's riddles in your living room.

Q: Does being stoned make everything funnier?
A: Yes. Although being in a crash won't feel so funny once your head clears.

Q: What if I have the munchies and hard out need to make an emergency supermarket trip?
A: Plan ahead, stockpile a massive stash of snacks before you start your sesh.

Q: Is it safer to drive after using synthetic cannabis, then?
A: No, it's not. Any drug that changes the way you perceive the world, think and react can cause problems with your driving. Synthetic cannabis products are pretty new, and they change all the time, but what we do know about them is that they can slow your reactions, make you paranoid and even cause hallucinations. None of these things help with driving, so, as with 'natural' cannabis, you are best to steer clear.