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Real stories

Real Stories

We asked to hear your Real Stories about dicey situations involving stoned drivers, as well as times you’ve found safe alternatives to driving high.

We took a few of the best stories and illustrated them. Check it out...

Tom told us about his mate who had such strong munchies that he accidentally ran a red light while trying to put gherkins on a pie.

Crazy things happen in cars with stoned drivers. Crazy *unsafe* things.

Be safe. Drive Drug Free.

Michael was in a weird situation when the driver of the car he was in stopped on the motorway to let a ‘possum’ cross the road … it took them a few minutes of arguing before they realised it was just a plastic bag.

Really makes you think about the risks of driving high, eh?

Steer Clear. Drive Drug Free.

Jacinda gave us her hot-tip for stopping a mate from driving high: Distract them up with a Club Penguin account while someone else goes out to get the food.

She said there's nothing funnier than seeing a 20 year old chowing down on nuggets while trying to win a penguin sled race against little kids.

Maybe there are better game choices, but anything's a better choice than getting behind the wheel stoned.

#StaySafe #DriveDrugFree

Jacinda If you're looking for a way to stop a mate from driving high, why not try Jordan's technique...

His mate was stoned and wanted to go for a drive to Macca's, so Jordan stuck his mate's car key to the back of his shirt. By the time he'd found it, he didn't feel like going out.

Nice work, Jordan. Staying home while stoned is a way safer option than getting behind the wheel. Better to avoid it, we reckon.

#SteerClear #DriveDrugFree

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Steer Clear. Drive Drug Free.